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Airfare to PNG: A Few Tips

  1. If you’re going as a missionary or with a non-profit, check out and They have special fares for missionary/humanitarian travelers not available through other fare aggregators.
  2. You don’t have to go through Air Fiji, even if that’s the cheapest thing that comes up at first. If you wait, you might find a cheaper fare through Qantas.
  3. Sign up for frequent flyer programs after you purchase a fare if you’re going through MTS… not after you’ve found the perfect flight but before you’ve bought it. Otherwise it might have disappeared by the time you finish signing up your whole family! (True story.)
  4. Wednesday PM is a good time to look for cheap flights.

That’s our experience so far! We ended up buying round-trip tickets that were only $1000 more expensive than a one-way. (The best one-way fare for a family of 3 we found were around $4200-4500. We missed a fare for $5200 but bought one for $5500.)

Now, any tips for 24 hours of flight time with a two-year-old?

Anastasia, future world traveler!


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