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Presentation to Sacred Heart


On Sunday, March 17, we gave a brief presentation to the Shrine of the Sacred Heart in Washington, DC, where we were confirmed, had our first communion, married, and baptized Anastasia. Here’s what we shared there.


Brandon, Rebecca, and Anastasia Zimmerman are moving to the Highlands of Papua New Guinea on June 4 to serve at Good Shepherd Seminary for two to three years. The highlands first had contact with the outside world in the 1930s, at which time they did not have the wheel! Obviously, there have been a lot of dramatic changes in the past 80 years. There are some 800 languages on the island as a whole. English will be the third language for our seminarians, after learning their local language and then the trade language (Tok Pisin). The staple food is sweet potato and the main livestock is pig. The climate in the highlands is that of late spring.

Good Shepherd is a major regional seminary that educates seminarians from the archdiocese of Mount Hagen, including those from Mendi, the Capuchin-run diocese, and the archdiocese of Madang, where Cap Corps volunteers teach in the minor seminary. Seminarians attend for three years, taking classes such as theology, church history, and computer literacy. Their academic training is followed by a pastoral year in their home diocese. Brandon will educate the diocesan seminarians in philosophy and Rebecca will teach anthropology. The Archbishop in charge of the Seminary, Douglas Young, told us that priestly formation for Papuan nationals is the number one need in his archdiocese. The four men in the middle of the postcard will be some of our students.

The support we need most of all is your prayers!


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