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Prep Update


by Rebecca

A. We have our Australian transit visas! I attempted to lodge them in person at the Australian Embassy in DC a few weeks ago, but after an hour and fifteen minute commute from Karen’s place, we arrived only to find that the visa office had closed 15 minutes ago. Argh. But Anastasia enjoyed all the people-watching on the train ride back! So we mailed in our application, notarized photocopies of our passports (a tricky thing to do. Not all states notarize photocopies!), copies of our airline itineraries and PNG visas, and photographs, and behold! a mere four days later the transit visas were in our email inbox.

B. I am totally starting to panic about moving somewhere with no public library. Combine this with feeling unprepared for moving and I gave myself a massive hold queue at my local library a few weeks ago. Think I can read all these and get us ready to move at the same time? (Right now I’m 4/5 done with Expat, and haven’t started Kids yet, but I’ve gone through the rest pictured. I have two more on hold ready to pick up at the library though!)


Because of the way we did our flights– bought them through to Port Moresby and then asked the seminary to arrange them from there– we forfeit the international luggage allowance for the last leg of the trip, as we will have a few days in Moresby and then fly to Hagen. This puts us in the domestic class of luggage allowance. So now instead of up to 2 50-pound pieces of luggage per person… we’re looking at 1 35-pound piece of checked luggage per person. We’ll probably pay a fee to bring it up to 1 50-pound piece per person, which isn’t as bad, but still…Remind us not to do this this way again.

So now we need to ship all our books ahead of time, pretty much. So I am getting frantic about finding children’s books for Anastasia. “We don’t own Make Way for Ducklings?!”

C. We have our travel doctor appointments all taken care of, and all have our typhoid shots under our belts. One of Annie’s favorite pretend games now is “shot,” administered with anything from a ballpoint pen to a stick and remedied with a “bandaid” of construction paper, leaves, or flat rocks. (She also likes to recite lines from Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus, and to serve me gravel as various meals.)

Pray for good humor, grace, and family unity as we head into the last month stateside!

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