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Two years old!


Annie turned two a few weeks ago!

eating birthday pancakes made by daddy

She had her birthday party at a local park:



played with her library story-time buddies,


enjoyed some grandparent time,


ate hot dogs, lamejuns, and cupcakes,


and demonstrated her ladder-climbing ability.



Lately, she’s taking to standing on the bed, so she can see herself in the mirror, and proclaiming, “I am two! I so big! I so brave!”

One-Year-Old Slide PictureIMGP0792

(So much bigger and braver from her first birthday party to her second, including in terms of slides!)

She has also been demonstrating a lot more awareness of our move and the changes it will bring than I anticipated when we first started contemplating it a year ago. Playing at driving the car, she will say she is driving to Papua New Guinea. (With a stop at a national park first.) Changing her diaper today, she peppered me with questions about the important things in life:

Have friends in Papua New Guinea?

“Yes, we will make friends.”

People check-out in Papua New Guinea?

“Yes, there are grocery stores and cashiers in Papua New Guinea.”

At the Utica Children's Museum toy grocery store

Sea lions in Papua New Guinea?

“No, honey, no sea lions. But there are tree kangaroos! And pigs.”

Tree ‘angaroos sleep? Pigs sleep?

“Yes, they sleep.”

Tree ‘angaroos wake up? Pigs wake up?

“Yes, the pigs and the tree kangaroos wake up in the morning.”

While taking the laundry off of the clothesline, she ran through a list of relatives, asking if they would miss her in Papua New Guinea. And she’s asked if her doll clothes will come to Papua New Guinea with her. She had nowhere near this level of comprehension during our last move 9 months ago, from DC to Central NY! It’s kind of astounding.

opening a birthday gift: 52 fun things to do on an airplane

I’ve been reading frantically through my library hold list, as I mentioned earlier. Among the titles was one on moving that recommended repeating affirming statements to yourself about your competence to execute the move.

In related news, at 6:30 pm one month from now we will be getting on the plane! That’s four weeks. Whoaahahhha.

Okay. Breathe. Breathe. Repeat: “I so big! I so brave!”



  1. Beth M says:

    Yes – I’m amazed at the difference one year can make – slides are Ethan’s new favorite. (he’ll be two on june 3).


  2. […] this week, backyard-style like last year (and the year before!) Annie, you’ve grown so much since we were packing up to come to PNG. We love […]



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