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The Advent of the Zimmermans


Dear friends and family,

Here are our tentative holiday plans.  Please let us know by e-mail or by calling our cells (once we are in the States) when and if you might be able to get together.

Dec 18: Leave Brisbane at 5 am. Arrive in NYC at 4:30 pm, take a train to Baltimore, go to Stewartstown, PA.

Dec 19-25: Rest and visit with friends and family.  We’ll be in Baltimore Dec 21-22.

Dec 25-28: Celebrate Christmas in central and northenrn PA (Lewisburg and Knoxville).

Dec 28-29: Travel to Boston via central NY.  We’ll be in Vernon/Westmoreland overnight.  We’ll go to mass at Holy Family.

Dec 29-Jan 4: We’ll be in Arlington, MA.

Jan 5: Back in Baltimore to celebrate my birthday with my family.

Jan 5-Jan 12: We’ll be in DC, staying with the Meolas.  I’ll be researching at CUA and CC and Annie will be watching Sea Lions.  I’ll have my normal Shakespearian b-day party at Matt’s place in Silver Spring on Jan 11.  We’ll be at Sacred Heart on Jan 12.

Jan 12-13: Back to Stewartstown via Baltimore.

Jan 14: We take a train from Baltimore back to JFK.  We arrive in PNG Jan 16 via Hong Kong.


Now our main purpose in coming back to the US is to see friends and family.  So please let us know when we might be able to get together.  You can visit with us where we are staying and we are willing to drive to meet you.






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