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Freedom and Annie at the market


On Wednesday morning the roadblock was cleared!  I have no explanation for why, for I get all my information second or third hand.  I expect that the bishop’s threat to close Fatima down and move the teachers and health workers elsewhere had some effect.


The trench is filled in. Unfortunately, it will probably erode away soon unless it is repaved.

Here are some pictures of Annie walking around the area by the roadblock and the nearby market.  We go to this market a few times a week to get fresh vegetables, though the selection is quite limited.  If you want onions, sweet potatoes, and native greens, then you’ll always be happy. . .


Here is the old Fatima sign. The hill behind it is the hill that is behind our house. Annie considers the hill and the forest to be her personal property.


Kaukau (sweet potatoes)


Cabbages, onions, and greens . . . how exciting!




In the background is the Warakar river. Fatima is in a corner bounded by the Warakar and the Waghi Rivers, hence our ability to be beseiged. Annie likes to swim in the Warakar.


This is a local elementary school between us and the market. I don’t think it is run by the church. As you can see it is quite simple. Each building has two small classrooms.


Some of Annie’s friends. They live at the health clinic. Their parents are health workers (they are visible working in their garden in the background.)


Here is the world-famous Fatima health clinic, now open for business.


  1. Valerie says:

    Your daughter could not possibly be any cuter!!! That is not what I was expecting to see of the market photos- thanks for sharing!


  2. Al Rapp says:

    Good Morning dear Brandon, CC & Annie Happy Valentine’s Day, hope the package arrived for Annie. Thanks for the pictures they are beautiful, the sweet potatoes looks great, so do the other veggies. So glad everything is almost back to normal, know how you must have felt when you saw all those road blocks. Annie looks so cute w/her jeans and flip flops, she a doll.

    We had 12 inches of snow, it’s a beautiful wonder world looking out our french doors, more to come tonight, your mother has a winter vacation, school closed for 2 days, President’s Day Monday. Aunt Bonnie not feeling well, a bad sinus infection. Thanks for all your e-mails you are always in my prayers. Stay safe and healthy. Love you, Grammy


  3. Rebecca says:

    Considering the situation of many other folks I know who work in majority-world countries, all that access to fresh greens would make me very happy! (Though of course, one hopes to also have the fat and meat to make them tasty…)


  4. Karen says:

    So Cute!



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