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Anastasia Turns Three!


Because Annie’s birthday falls during Holy Week this year, we decided to celebrate a few days early, on Palm Sunday. We invited her local friends and neighbors over to our house for “liklik kaikai” (a little food, said of any invited meal that doesn’t involve pork) — in our case, sausages, “scone bread” rolls, cucumbers, carrot sticks, pineapple, papaya, passionfruit, the local cheeto equivalent “twisties” — and birthday cake, of course, made with cocoa powder just received in the mail from Grandma.

Enjoying the spread

Enjoying the spread

Brandon grilled the sausages in the traditional cookhouse next door, but I was finishing the frosting and didn’t take a picture, despite his plaint “I have made a nice fire and no one is here to admire it!”

IMG_0313Annie and her guests played with blocks while waiting for the meal.IMG_0312

I had to set up an impromptu shade fixture- the sun was hot that day!

IMG_0333After the food but before the cake, she led her guests in five rounds of her current favorite song:

Jisas laikim olgeta, olgeta, olgeta; (Jesus loves everyone, everyone, everyone;)

Jisas laikim olgeta, laikim olgeta. (Jesus loves everyone, loves everyone.)

Laikim Papa, wantaim Mama, bikpela susa, liklik brata; (Loves Daddy, and Mommy, big sister, little brother;)

laikim yu, laikim mi, laikim olgeta. (loves you, loves me, loves everyone.)

She learned this song in Sunday school at Fatima parish. I think the “big sister” part endears it to her.


Blowing out her candles

During the cake-eating she opened presents- a meri blaus set, traditional bilum from Rabaul, PNG baseball hat, flip flops and nail polish… and a toy police car!


After cake, there was a brief traditional dance accompanied by her percussion instruments. Then all the children rushed off to the basketball court to try out her new basketball (a present from her Daddy) while the 39-week-pregnant mama cleaned up and then took a nap.

And so it was thus that we had our now-traditional low-key birthday barbecue, in a new place once again.


  1. Doug Hanson says:

    Happy Birthday to Annie!

    Looking forward to next hearing about your camping experience at Kudjip. 🙂

    Doug and Jan



  2. Bethany says:

    Happy birthday, Annie!! Looks like a very fun and yummy party. =) Enjoy being 3!


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