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Things I am Grateful For Today

  • Tabitha is quite healthy and gaining weight well – back up to her birthweight in a week- with only a smidgen of jaundice that passed quickly.
Showing off her new belly button

Showing off her new belly button

  • My labor and delivery went naturally, with no interventions and lots of support from the staff to let things progress without tinkering.


  • The baby took her time in the early stages, so we could get there without a rush, but transition and pushing went very quickly.
Annie attempts to carry Tabitha PNG-style

Annie attempts to carry Tabitha PNG-style

  • My milk came in the third day and I didn’t get mastitis this time.


  • I am healing well- I saw Dr. Pringle before he left for the States and he said my stitches were 90% better.


  • Our brand new washing machine, so helpful for the daily load of cloth diapers and wipes


  • All the help and kindness our friends at Kudjip showed us – bringing us food and encouragement, letting us use their stuff, popping in to check on us if they were nearby.


  • The availability of the level of care at Kudjip – some of the medical clinics in PNG don’t even stock oxytocin to help with the placenta, much less advanced painkilling options.


  • A good chat with Dr. Mark Crouch at Tabitha’s first pediatric visit about vaccines, birth certificates, and the best diaper cream.
Snuggled inside the traditional PNG bilum

Snuggled inside the traditional PNG bilum

  • Other seminary staff taking up responsibilities for Brandon and me while we take care of our family.


  • The generosity of our families in the US sending us care packages (and their patience in waiting for baby photos)


  • Rita’s willingness to spend two nights away from her family doing things like dopplering my belly at all hours and helping me to the bathroom in the middle of the night.


  • Anastasia’s excitement about her sister, even if she’s not quite sure how to express it appropriately all the time.


  • My husband. He read to me about divine mercy when I was laboring seemingly fruitlessly for hours, obeyed my very precise instructions about how to rub my back, talked me through my post-dope loopiness, laughs with me in the middle of the night when the baby’s not sleeping, puts Annie back  to bed when she wakes up, and generally makes me glad I married him, especially because he’s a good daddy.
Singing silly songs to both girls

Singing silly songs to both girls

  • Divine Mercy. “My soul gives thanks to the Lord; my spirit rejoices in God my Savior… the Almighty has done great things for me, and holy is His name.”



  1. Al Rapp says:

    Good Morning CC, Thanks for the up-date, glad everything is getting back to normal, your new daughter is beautiful. I know Brandon is a wonderful daddy and husband he is so appreciative, loving and understanding, a great grandson. As I said before we had many happy times together.

    Pop=Pop has been moved to Stella Maris, closer to us. He is in a semi-private room, at the other end of the building a long walk for me, daughters push me on a wheel chair. Spring time is beautiful here. Sue will be sending you a package soon, probably get it in a few months, keep the Jungle coming, love to read about all of you. Love you, Grammy


  2. Rebecca says:

    Hooray! You have done an amazing work, bring a new child into the world. And God is so kind. Thanks for the birth story and the post-baby updates. We’re praying for your breastfeeding and transitioning to being a family of four.



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