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Snaps of a new life


By popular demand (ranging from grandparents to the secretary of my elementary school), I give you: more baby photos!

Tabitha's version of the fetal position

Tabitha’s version of the fetal position

She liked to extend her legs in utero- I could feel her feet way over on my right side– so I was amused to see her doing the same thing earthside.

Big Yawn!

Big Yawn!

My in-laws maintain that she looks like Brandon. I think she looks like her cousin Rowan, my sister-in-law’s son, so maybe it’s true that she resembles the Zimmerman side.

She is staying awake a little more now

She is staying awake a little more now

Edging into this picture is a toy banana, which Anastasia is disappointed that Tabitha is uninterested in playing with yet. She dangles it in her face enticingly but so far has received no reaction.

Sleeping in the bilum

Sleeping in the bilum

Anastasia’s babysitter, Miriam, watched Tabitha long enough for me to take a shower a few times this week. Miriam enjoys carrying Tabitha in the traditional string bag, and she does sleep well in it.

Riding in the ring sling

Riding in the ring sling

This is my view most afternoons- Tabitha comes along while I hang out with Annie. Anyone want to recommend good ring-sling tutorial sites? I just got this one (a present from the Petersons) and can only really manage the tummy-to-tummy.

Fresh from a bath

Fresh from a bath

Anastasia loves to help give the baby a bath- she climbs in first and then holds the baby on her lap (with assistance.) Tabitha does seem to cry a little less than in a solo bath. I love the post-bath fluffy hair effect — but her newborn hair is starting to fall out already! Then again, she will be 4 weeks old on Tuesday!

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  1. Rebecca says:

    Tummy to tummy is really all you need until she is holding her own torso up, and by then you will be good enough at it to easily shift her to your hip. Beyond that, I finally tried a back carry with a ring sling today, and it worked surprisingly well! I tried another “rings under bum” back carry, but I wasn’t hot about it because it was pretty much a ruck, and involved taking the tail out of the rings entirely, so a bit too much of a pain. Enjoy! thanks for the pics of that gorgeous girl!!



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