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Whoops, it’s been 2 months


Whoa, hey. Sorry about the bloggy silence.  We’ve just been carrying on over here, like you do with two working parents and two kiddos. I’ve been doing things like:

  • making sure there are clean cloth diapers and wipes (see my friend Danielle’s post for the logistics of  this in PNG… except we have no dryer option on our campus!) .
  • realizing that dinner really does need to be on the table at 5:30 because Annie’s optimal bedtime is 6:30 now that she is really and truly a no-napper.
  • struggling to attain the goal of weekly (with the distant hopes of monthly) meal planning. Mostly this means I have gotten better at knowing what’s for breakfast the night before. And I am closer to knowing what’s for dinner by 10 am.
  • teaching a once-a week cultural and religious anthropology class. Which is more fun than my five-times-a-week english grammar class last term. I have 11 students and they’re all from different places and cultures. We were talking about the meanings of body art and I asked them if you do anything special to your hair when someone dies. Most of the students (from Southern Highlands and Enga) said “cut it!” while the one student from Madang said “grow it out!”
  • starting a garden, finally. We even had a bridge built over the almost meter deep drainage ditch that separates our new plot from our backyard. the transplanted tomatoes are growing, slowly; the dill and radishes from my aunt are up; the corn and peas from the local market are putting out new leaves, and I hope to see a zucchini sprout in the next few days. I would love to plant some swiss chard and snap peas, but I’ll have to go to Hagen to find the seeds.
  • Realizing that the reason the power company was threatening to shut our power off in 48 hours was because while I was on maternity leave from the bursar’s office a former coworker took the bill for April and shoved it in a file folder and told no one about it, much less paid it.

These are the seminarians!

Anastasia has been busy pretending to cook, practicing her letters, digging (always with the digging) and learning new songs. “Kalap, kalap! Paitim hans na danis wantim!” (Jump, jump! Clap your hands and dance!) Also drawing recognizable things! She has drawn pine trees, people, and baby beluga. Annie learned to use glue at preschool, so I made her some wheatpaste… and she promptly used it to glue a piece of paper to the side of the house.  She’s started to pay more attention to the melanesian sign language part of her preschool and tries to replicate it at the dinner table with limited success. Also, she wakes up at night all.the.time. I’m assuming it’s some kind of sibling-related regression… in fact she just mumbled from bed that she wanted some pineapples.

Sisters hanging out in the backyard

Tabitha is smiling and rolling over sometimes, and babbling away. She is more of a self-soother through finger gnawing than Annie was. During a philosophical discussion in the Comprehensive Seminar class for third years on “what makes someone a human being” Brandon suggested that the students use Tabitha as an example for their thought experiment. The Dean of studies exclaimed “of course Tabitha is a human! She smiles at you!”

Look at that neck control! (Also that super goofy smile)

Brandon will eventually finish his posts about climbing Mt. Wilhelm! And we will try to get back on the blogging wagon in general.


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  1. Bethany says:

    Great to hear from you, CC & family! Glad you’re doing well!



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