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Thomas’s account of creation and contemporary science


For the curious and the scholarly among my readers, I have a new publication, which can be found here:  I am contributing to a new publication model. is a website on which people can post questions related to the thought of St. Thomas Aquinas.  The editor, a teacher at the Dominican House of Studies in Washington, DC, then finds scholars to write responses.  The responses are peer-reviewed and posted.  The editor then finds other scholars to comment on the responses and tries to start a learned dialogue on the subject.  The goal is to try to combine the rigor of a scholarly journal with the accessibility and dialogical character of an online discussion board.  So, you are very welcome to go to, read my article, and submit comments or criticism to the editor.

Writing this piece was a warm-up for chapter two of my dissertation which will discuss Aquinas’s understanding of creation and his judgment that a philosophical understanding of creation was reached by the Greek and Arabic philosophers.  This chapter sets the foundation for my attempt to find the doctrine of creation in Plotinus, using Aquinas’s definition of what creation means.  I freely admit that the scientific aspects of my response are a bit weak, but I think that explain Thomas’ understanding of how empirical science, philosophy, and theology relate to each other well . . .


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