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Mass Parrot


I was astounded to see the family in the pew across from me in church this morning sit down carrying a small parrot tied to a branch with string. It didn’t seem to be part of the mass offering; they apparently had just brought their pet bird to church that morning.

photo credit

It looked like this. The internet tells me it is a Fig Parrot.

Brandon was ill so I had come to church with both girls by myself. Tabitha proceeded to clamber over and under the pews, throw her books at other parishioners, spill water from her waterbottle all over herself, and squeal loudly when I tried to stop her from escaping down the aisle. As is expected, I took her outside… where she chased a puppy, asked to climb trees, threw rocks, fell down on the cement, and ran away from me.

And you know what? That little boy with his pet parrot sat quietly stroking it and playing with it the whole mass long, barely moving from his seat.

photo credit

It eyed us like this across the aisle

By the end of the service, trying to remember which parts I actually heard and could tell Brandon about, I thought…
Man, dude, I want a Mass Parrot!


  1. Francis Philip says:

    Indeed! 😉. Thanks for posting this.


  2. Doris says:

    Good Morning CC, Brandon, Tabby and Annie,

    What a cute story, you surely were busy w/the dear sweethearts. Taking 2 children was a handful, but you handled it well. Hope Brandon is feeling better. He will be in our prayers today, hopefully when Sue comes for lunch we will attend church. I know Brandon has his hands full w/teaching but he will manage somehow, he is so brave, to keep enduring these circumstances. Will sent e-mail later. Love you, Grammy & pop-Pop


  3. Doug Hanson says:

    Rebecca,A creative post! We could all use a Mass Parrot



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