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Chips off the old block


This post is dedicated to pictures of our children.  Enjoy!

Anastasia has inherited her father’s fashion sense:



Annie’s growing up to be a good PNG national.  She enjoys working in Rebecca’s little garden (now entirely covered by squash plants) . . .



… peel potatoes and carrots, and dig holes.


Which suits Tabitha just fine, since she likes to hide in holes,

IMG_1629and really, just hide in general.


Tabby can say about twenty words, one of which is “hide.”  Rebecca asked her one morning where her milk cup was and she responded: “Hide!”

Unlike her sister, who still prefers to be read to sleep, Tabitha is a good sleeper.  Just tuck her in with her monkey and she’ll go to sleep on her own:


Our hope is that Anastasia, who is now learning to read and write her letters, will one day be able to read herself to sleep:


The girls are starting to be able to play together.  One of their favorite activities is to push laundry baskets around while saying “Vroom, Vroom.”


Tabby can also build with Duplos, but seems to build simply in order to knock them down “Boom, Boom.”  Annie is not a happy camper when Tabby knocks down her buildings.


Luckily, both girls are always up for a dance party:



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  1. Mikel E Satcher says:

    Simply Beautiful! Thanks for sharing! Peace and Blessings, Mikel

    Sent from my iPhone

    Mikel E, Satcher, PhD




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