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Rebecca’s 29th Birthday


Due to the generosity of our families, we were able to go out for a good dinner at the one nice restaurant in Banz to celebrate Rebecca’s 29th birthday.  This was back on November 2.  Sorry for the wait, but we’ve been busy with a new baby and we’ve had Internet troubles.

Jiwaka Mission Resort is on the other side of Banz from us near a small Lutheran college.  It offers western-style lodging and dining.


The green building is the lodge.


The restaurant

The restaurant

We played Uno while we waited for our food.

We played Uno while we waited for our food.



Rebecca – Pork Chops; Lisa – Prawns; Brandon – Fish; Annie – 1/4 of a chicken



Alan – Mixed Grill; Tabitha – Buffet!

I called ahead and ordered a birthday cake for Rebecca.  They claimed that they could make a Black Forest cake.  I ordered a small.


Rebecca had cake for breakfast for the next week!


Note: No cherries, cream, or kirschwasser.  Just lots of chocolate.


Must eat cake . . . zzz . . .

Must eat cake . . . zzz . . .

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  1. […] we gathered at our veranda (our official party space) and ate lots of chocolate cake from Jiwaka Mission Lodge (plus some homemade chocolate-peppermint fudge for the gluten-free […]



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