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Stations of the Cross, Melanesian Style

Jesus is condemned to death.

Jesus is condemned to death.


Station 02

Jesus carries the cross


station 03

Jesus falls the first time


station 05

Jesus meets his mother


station 04

Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus carry the cross


station 06

Veronica wipes Jesus’ face


station 07

Jesus falls the second time


station 08

Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem


station 09

Jesus falls the third time


station 10

Jesus is stripped


station 11

Jesus is nailed to the cross


station 12

Jesus dies on the cross


station 13

Jesus is taken down from the cross


station 14

Jesus is laid in the tomb


station 15



These are draft version of the Stations that are displayed in the seminary chapel.  I am afraid that I don’t know the painter.


While Jesus was a Hebrew, and thus neither white nor brown-skinned, when we hear that God became man, we imagine Jesus as a man according to our own cultural norms.  It is very important in missions that Jesus is not the God of the white-skins, but the God of all peoples, the universal Logos.  Therefore, I think that it is a good mark of the reception of the Gospel within Melanesian culture that native artists can imagine the Gospel scenes with Melanesians.


An often overlooked truth that always comes to my mind when I think about the Stations is that not even Jesus could carry his own cross.  Our crosses are meant to be shared; they are not private burdens.  Alone, our individual crosses will crush us . . .



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