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Worth a Place in the Suitcase: Kid Gear


Just a short review post on my favorite things for travelling with three kids five and under, either for a weekend trip or two months on home leave. A friend from DC gearing up for a stint with MCC in Beirut asked me for my thoughts on moving abroad with kids, so here they are for the whole internet to hear, haha.

#1: Ergo Carrier. Don’t leave home without it. Actually I’m not sure I could go an entire day even at home without it.


#2: Clip-on high chair, another daily essential at our house but also good for restaurants/friends’ houses, etc. We have both a Chico Caddy, which is machine washable and fits on most everything, but is a little more cumbersome than the Mountain Buggy Pod, which is wipe-clean only but more compact. The Phil and Ted lobster chair looks good too but we don’t own that one (yet?).

#3: Babyhome Air: This bassinet/crib is much more attractive and easier to set up than a pack-n-play. It also fits in more spaces as it’s smaller. Plus it rocks/has wheels, and you can throw pretty much all of it into a washing machine. Tobiah’s just aging out of it now that he pulls up all the time – he still has some wiggle room in there though.

#4: Wetbag. Something is always going to get wet or muddy and you can carry it back without everything else getting yucky.  Bumkins or Planetwise are nice, although we have all different kinds and sizes.

#5: JJ Cole Changing Clutch: This changing pad is the largest one available on Amazon last time I researched, which means all of my wiggly toddler will fit on the pad. Essential for when there are no public changing tables in your country of residence.


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