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Bilas Girl in Minj

Going to the Goroka show re-sparked Annie’s interest in traditional dance. We heard that her dance team was going to the nearby town of Minj to dance; it turned out they had been hired to provide some local color for the opening of a hotel.  So Annie decided to join her dance team in Minj. Miriam went with her and took a few pictures.


When she came back she said there were two or three other dance teams there as well. She ate her piece of pork meat that she brought back from the mumu and fell into bed! It did re-cement Annie’s status as a local celebrity. The next day, every vendor in the market said “we heard you danced in Minj!”

Annie and another bilas girl

Annie and another bilas girl. Her dad drives by us on the road sometimes and always says “hey, you danced together with my daughter!” 

Our neighbor Cornelia graduated from eighth grade recently, finishing her years in primary school. Cornelia wore bilas as part of the graduation festivities and Tabitha wanted to dress up too, so they indulged her whim. It ended up being good practice for Good Shepherd’s graduation! A post on that topic coming soon.

Tabitha plays dress-up

Tabitha plays dress-up



  1. says:

    Both your gals looked beautiful what a great thing to be doing. This will keep them busy. You all are learning alot being there. Have a Happy New Year, Love you, Grammy


    • says:

      Annie looks so sweet in her costume and know she will be doing more of those dances, Hopefully, sometime this year when you are back she will dance for all of us. Tabby is so cute dressed up also w/that beautiful blond hair, You and CC are so blessed w/your family and may God’s blessing keep pouring out on you. Much love, Grammy


  2. […] dance team was invited to dance at another guesthouse opening, like they did in Minj.  This guesthouse was in Banz, and we assumed that there would be two to four singsing groups there. […]



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