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Inauguration Mass 2017

Our school year started at the beginning of February. After a week-long retreat for the students, we kick off the new academic year with an opening mass and communal meal.

Our celebrant for the mass was Bishop Anton Bal of Kundiawa Diocese.

Afterward we took the opportunity to take some photos of the students.

Here are all the students, plus the Rector Fr. Paul Sundu (in green stole), Bishop (in biretta), lecturer John Ding (on left, behind flowers), Dean of Studies Michael Epri (behind and to the left of the Rector), Brandon, and Annie.

The new first-year class of 26 students, 14 of which are from Kundiawa Diocese.

The nine second-year seminarians, three of which come from Daru-Kiunga Diocese.

We are very glad to have doubled our enrollment from last year. For one thing, the students can now play rugby, soccer, and ultimate frisbee and still have subs left over! Now we need to double our residential staff. Please pray for us as we continue in the new school year!


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  1. Mikel Satcher says:

    Thanks for the update—wonderful pics and experience.



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