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the famous one

Anastasia’s fifteen minutes of fame should get some airtime on the blog, I suppose.

Annie’s dance team was invited to dance at another guesthouse opening, like they did in Minj.  This guesthouse was in Banz, and we assumed that there would be two to four singsing groups there. We got to the rugby field to find it mobbed by people and dance teams.

Warming up in an empty lot across the street

Listening to directions

Each dance team processed into the rugby field past the grandstand through a huge crush of people culminating at a narrow gate. This entrance took it out of Annie somewhat, so we sneaked her out the back door and fed her a sausage flour in a kai bar, away from curious eyes. Refreshed by the golden batter fresh from the fryer, she ventured back in. Miriam commented, “Now she is dancing well.”

Apparently many other people thought so too, as a crowd three or four deep began to form:

Yes, Annie is in there somewhere

The crowd followed along as the team danced its way around the rugby field. Some commotion started up by the grandstand: the Minister for Tourism had arrived! He brought with him a reporter from the Post-Courier, a TV crew from NBC Papua New Guinea, and a drone.

There were announcements from the grandstand: “Do not be afraid. It will not harm you. It is only taking your picture.”

Pretty soon, the Tourism Minister was standing in front of Annie to watch her group!

Tourism minister, at right, in lei. Anastasia, at left, turning around for dramatic drum hit.

He gave Annie K100 as a prize for dancing well, and she used some of it to buy soft drinks for the whole team when they were done. Miriam and I were both interviewed by the reporter, and a few days later, Annie showed up in the newspaper, complete with a lead on the first page! “Girl, Age 6, Promotes PNG Culture”.

Our neighbor, John Ding, also reported catching a glimpse of her singing during a segment on NBC PNG about the guesthouse opening and the activities of the Minister for Tourism.

Fr. Michael Anis, the former parish priest in Banz, used to call Anastasia “the famous one”… it gets truer all the time!

Satisfied with a job well done


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  1. Moses Mulg says:

    I’ve been following Anne’s dances and I like it. Seriously when she grows up she will begin to speak the jiwaka tok ples. I guess she will have great memories of her childhood and she will have a lot to share with her peers here in PNG and abroad.

    Moses Mulg



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