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Easter 2017

Jesus i kirap pinis.  Jesus is risen.

The seminary celebrated the resurrection of our Lord with a four-story bonfire made of dry bamboo (no pictures, alas), followed by the normal Saturday vigil mass.  Normally, the priest lights the fire and prays, and then we light our candles and go inside; but we just watched the fire in awe for awhile.  The bamboo crackled and splintered due to the air instead being heated, such that our resurrection fire sounded like fireworks!

The 16th was Annie’s sixth birthday.  She opened some presents with her siblings:

We went to the morning Easter service at the seminary.  Annie was especially happy.  She made up a little song about how she is the resurrection (Anastasia ἀναστασις is Greek for resurrection).

Then we went to our friends, the Crouches, for a great Easter meal.  We are especially grateful for them hosting us, since Dr. Mark had been up on call, saving lives, the night before.


Annie and Tabby will have a joint birthday party later this month.


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  1. says:

    Good Morning dear Brandon & Family,
    I love all your Easter pictures, You and your family look great all dressed for the special occasion, Christ is risen, What a great blessing.Later today I will send a E-Mail telling you all about Easter w/you parents. Stay well and I especially thank you for the lovely picture. Love you, Grammy



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