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Favorite May Photos

There were some small milestones and other things worth documenting that happened in the last six weeks. Here’s a glimpse in slightly haphazard order.

Blowing out candles on the day of her birthday

Birthday sunglasses from Nonna

Enjoying the last of the guava harvest

Tabitha overcomes her fear of the tractor!

She even went for a little ride

It’s a treat to stay up to play a game with Daddy

We had talked about getting bunk beds for  a while, and even priced them out in town, but hadn’t done anything about it… but then I mentioned the idea to Michael Nolie, the station maintenance man, and he came over with some timbers and nailed one bed on top of the other! Problem solved.

Tabitha holds up her Pout-Pout Fish, with Margaret the tiger next to her

There’s more space and less arguing about who can see the pictures in bedtime stories

Some brief bedtime snuggles on the bottom bunk

Meanwhile, on the top bunk, Annie prepares to put her tooth under her pillow. 

Well, that’s a good bit of catch-up for now. More later!



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