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Double Double

A quickie post to commemorate the fact that my children are, for the only time in their lives, exactly twice as old as each other. 1.5, 3, and 6. We had a little photoshoot in which there was always at least someone not cooperating.

This picture reminds me of their Uncle Ross, who had a no-teeth smile for all his elementary school pictures.

These two do SO much climbing these days. Tabitha spends at least half an hour in a tree each day.

Yes, Tobiah is 18 months old now.


He says single words: No, More, Down, Drop, Done, Up, Belbutton, Mouth, Door, Nurse, Ball, Duck, Mama, Dadda, Bye. He seems to understand simple Tok Pisin and his first Tok Pisin word is “gras” (hair).  He is a speedy walker and wishes he could climb trees like his sisters. He likes to play ring-around-the-rosie or any game that involves spinning. He loves to stare at bugs and caterpillars and to show them to other people with a big “OH!” Sticks and rocks are his favorite toys.

Tobiah down looking for stones and the girls up climbing something is pretty typical these days!




  1. Rebecca says:

    That’s fantastic! All the climbing. That was my childhood for sure. Also I love Tabitha’s hair so much.


  2. momof13 says:

    Beautiful children, having a lovely childhood!!!



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