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Perpetua’s Baptism

Pippi was baptized on March 3 at Holy Spirit Seminary’s chapel by Archbishop Douglas W. Young, SVD of Mt. Hagen.

HSS chapel 

Our neighbors Dalus and Raymond were proxy godparents, Perpetua’s godparents being in Vermont.

What do you ask of the church? Baptism!

In his homily, Abp. Doug recounted some of the story of St. Perpetua and Felicity, and how they stood up for their faith, even under pressure from both civil authorities and family members. Giving your child a Christian name, he said, was the first step in raising them in the faith.

Anastasia read the intercessions, and then a seminarian sang a litany of the saints.

She did very well.

in the name of the Father… and of the Son… and of the Holy Spirit

Fresh from the fount

clothed in the white garment, to remind her to bring her dignity unstained into the everlasting life of Heaven

I always get a shiver at the words in the post-baptismal prayer, “May she go out to meet Him when He comes, with all the saints in the heavenly kingdom.” This is the job description: to prepare this tiny person for a life in Glory.

Final blessing over the parents, we need it 

The Rite 1 liturgy, chosen especially because the Eucharist prayers mention Anastasia and Perpetua, was beautiful.

Music provided by the seminarians

Afterwards we served cake and ice cream in the student dining hall. I brought Pippi over to the Archbishop to hold, and he held up his hands and said “Ah, yes! Come into the arms of the Church!”


A little smile for +Doug

Welcome to the Christian family, Perpetua, we love you.


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