Plotinus in the Jungle

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Our address is:

Brandon and Rebecca Zimmerman
Catholic Theological Institute
PO Box 2556
Boroko, NCD 111
Papua New Guinea

We have Internet, so please keep in touch with us via e-mail and skype/gchat dates.

Our phone number is [675]-7081-1775.  We would love it if you called us using a calling card.

Catholic Theological Institute



  1. Mikel E Satcher says:

    Like the beard! Great family pic! I am happy for you all! I will continue to enjoy the posts!


  2. Nellie Kati says:

    OMG, this blog made my day.Love your posts and pictures. The little famous Zimmerman is super cute in her traditional bilas… so adorable. Keep up the good work am enjoying it.Seeing pictures of Fatima, Jiwaka and Papua New Guinea makes me miss my home sweet home.

    Aloha and Mahalo from Hawaii.


  3. Dr. Martha Lynn Landweer says:

    My nephew Fr. Peter Frank mentioned me in response to a comment from Rebecca Osborne regarding your blog. Well, I just could not go to the blog … Papua New Guinea holds many many fond memories of people, places, experiences, joys (and even on the other side of challenges). I lived and worked in Papua New Guinea for 23 years — trekking through Papua New Guinea for 15 of those 23 years of assignment. My job at the time was to assess the relative viability of vernacular languages and profile the speech communities that spoke them in view of planning for vernacular NT (or Bible) translation. I was (and still am) with Wycliffe Bible Translators. I do miss PNG – so the sight of Wilhelm (congratulations for making it to the top), and of the photos of singsing in Banz really made me smile. May God bless you both, and your little girls in your ministry there in the land of the unexpected. Yours sincerely, M. Lynn Landweer, PhD Sociolinguistics



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