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Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea, or PNG for short, is the eastern half of a large island above Australia.

We live about an hour east of the third largest city, Mount Hagen. It is in the Highlands, the mountainous interior, which first had contact with the West in the 1930s.  The altitude is about 5000 feet and the climate is that of late spring (with more or less rain, depending on the season), all year round.

We live at the Seminary compound, which includes the chapel, library, student housing, gardens, a piggery, and our own little house. Across the street is a medical clinic, and a kilometer down the road is the local parish, preschool, and the primary, secondary, and vocational schools.

Papua New Guinea was named by the Portuguese around 1600, who thought the people there reminded them of those they had met in the African country of Guinea.

An early Portuguese map. Note the Kraken.



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