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We are a family of lay missionaries serving at Good Shepherd Seminary, a  Catholic diocesan philosophy seminary in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea.

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Brandon is a graduate student at the Catholic University of America working on his dissertation in Philosophy. At Good Shepherd, he teaches and has taught the following classes: Logic and Metaphysics, Philosophy of Human Person and Epistemology, Philosophy of Religion, Ethics, Political and Economic Thought, Comprehensive Seminar, Ancient Greek, Latin, and English. Brandon also directs the fourth-year bachelor’s degree program in Religious Studies and assists the Dean of Studies. The title of his dissertation is, “Does Plotinus Present an Account of Creation?”, hence the name of this blog.



Admiring the lovely stained glass


Rebecca is the bursar at Good Shepherd and also teaches computing or cultural anthropology, while only working part-time and cooking all meals from scratch. She and her husband like to hike and play board games (but not usually at the same time.)






Anastasia is a five year old who enjoys doing workbooks, climbing trees, gardening, singing, being the boss of any given activity, and doing traditional dances.




Tabitha is two and a half years old and likes her pink blanket, eating as much fruit as possible, having curly hair, growing bigger, playing with her big sister, and listening to books.


Tobiah is one year old and likes crawling, taking some steps, poking things with sticks, reading Pat the Bunny, and climbing up whatever he can get his knee on.



  1. Bethany says:

    Hello Zimmermans!!!! I’m so excited to read about your tropical adventures =) It was such an unexpected treat to see you on Holy Thursday! Would you believe that we had actually turned down the *wrong* road when we saw Brandon & Annie? Our friends we were visiting lived one street over – thank you, Holy Spirit! We’ll be praying for the 3 of you as you prepare for the move. — Bethany & Dan


  2. John says:

    While you’re there, please develop and teach a course along the lines of “Dylan, Plotinus, and the Bismarck Sea”. Send me a copy of the syllabus.


  3. anton says:

    Hellow Mr Brandon and your Family, the photos and comments are great! Anton from the Melanesian Institute, Goroka.



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