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If you would like to support our ministry (in a tax-deductible manner), please send checks made out to the Seraphic Mass Association with the memo line “The Zimmerman Family Fund” to:

Capuchin Mission Office
5217 Butler Street, Suite 100
Pittsburgh, PA 15201-2657

You can also send packages to the Capuchin Mission Office and they will forward them to us here.

Please keep us in your prayers!

Please pray for:

  1. Brandon making progress in his dissertation
  2. Rebecca juggling her new job in the library and caring for three children
  3. Vocations to the priesthood and religious life, especially in PNG
  4. The future of Good Shepherd Seminary
  5. Upcoming accreditation and registration process at CTI

1 Comment

  1. Mary Curtis Daly says:

    I am from Holy Family Parish in Vernon. I keep the card you handed out after Mass on my bulletin board and am praying for you often…at Holy Hour each week. Your blog is great…I love hearing about all your adventures. May Our Lord guide you in everything! 🙂



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